Follow up for our 2020 Vision Family!!

We’re so grateful you’ve chosen to spend your New Year’s Day at DAY 2 of 2020 Vision: Awaken to Wholeness  with us!

We have an amazing event planned and we our excited about co-creating with you!!!

This page will give you important information on what to expect from Day 2 and what you can do to be prepared to get the most out of all that is offered!

1. Schedule (Day 1 & 2)
* Here is a link to the detailed schedule on our site which includes Day 1 & Day 2!

Make sure scroll to Day 2 and to click the + sign to get more details on each offering.



* Day 2 VIP Retreat Access meeting time & location:

2:30 PM – Opening Ceremony – Veda Studios (853 Merrimon Ave)

2. Ticket
* Make sure to print out your ticket or have it available on your phone and bring it with you for easy access to the event.


Snacks & Water
Please bring a refillable water bottle to use throughout the event.
We also suggest you bring your favorite snacks if you want to ensure you have something to snack on that you love!!

* Journal & Pen
Please bring a journal /notebook and a pen to use during our coaching & accountability sessions for note-taking and exercises.


4. Sharing With Friends and Family
We’ve provided some ideas below to make it easier for you to get the word out to anyone that you think wants to bring in the New Year with us on New Year’s Eve, and / or join us for the VIP Experience bringing in 2020 together:


* Send website link via email, text etc and invite your community to check it out and join us if they are led.
Short link: http://bit.ly/nye2020vision
Long link: https://www.healingartsmgmt.com/2020-vision-a-transformative-new-years-eve-celebration/

Thank you so much for choosing to join us at 2020 Vision: Awaken to Wholeness ! Your presence will be a powerful part of the co-creation of an epic event to bring in 2020 together!!


From all of us at Healing Arts Management & Big Glow Productions, we look forward to having you with us,

Kathy Stringer

Healing Arts Management