Hapeville (Atlanta)
Home 30+ Years Old
1 Rm, 2 Guests
Starting @39/night
House Manual

Welcome to Hapeville!


 Here’s everything you may need to know about your visit. Please look over this prior to your arrival or if you have questions about your visit, you will likely find what you’re looking for in here:

ADDRESS: 333 Moreland Way Hapeville, GA 30354. Please follow these directions, step-by-step, in order to get into the property and you shouldn’t have a problem.

When facing 333 Moreland Way and you reach the front door, you’ll see the electronic lock on the front door and the doorbell to the right. Use the doorbell unless we’ve provided an electronic lock access code. On the electronic lock enter the code we send you and the door will automatically unlock. If we are not home, whenever you leave, enter the code again to lock the door. PLEASE NOTE: THE ELECTRONIC LOCK DOES NOT LOCK AUTOMATICALLY. PLEASE LOCK THE DOOR EACH TIME YOU LEAVE IF WE ARE NOT HOME.

DEPARTURE: Please be sure to depart by 11 AM and remember to lock the door via the elock if we are not home. There will be a $20 late charge for each hour remaining after 11AM. If you stay until 3PM, you will be charged an additional day on top of the late hour fees. Daily charges will be added for each extra day remaining after that.

PARKING: You can park in the driveway to the left of the basketball hoop. If you have guests, parking on the street in front of the house facing the direction of traffic is fine.

SLEEPING: There is a queen bed in your private bedroom that sleeps two. If you need any additional towels or linens, feel free to send me a message and I’ll have more brought by for you.

TV: There is Netflix and Amazon Prime Video on the TV in your bedroom. Simply press the corresponding button on the remote for unlimited streaming movies and TV shows.

OTHER AREAS: You are welcome to use our kitchen & the refrigerator. Please note that we do have our own food in the fridge, BUT we’ve cleared the second shelf from the top so you can store your own items. If either the living room or the dining room is free, you are welcome to use them. You are also welcome to use the back deck. If you are a smoker please use the ashtray on the back deck as that is the only area on the property where smoking is allowed.

Please note our son may watch shows or play games on our living room TV but he uses his headphones so that the noise doesn’t disturb anyone. If we happen to watch something as a family in the living room, you are welcome to join us and if you are in the private guest room, we’ll be sure to keep the volume where it doesn’t bother you, as guests have told us they don’t hear anything.

HEAT & AIR: The thermostat is located on the inside wall when leaving the kitchen (in the small hallway near the kitchen oven). When we’re home, we’ll control the thermostat, so send us a message on AirBnB if there is an issue and we’ll address it. If you are staying here when we are not home and you need to change it, please consider putting it back on 75 when you leave.

Before you arrive in town, we need to ensure our previous guests have checked out, that the maid service and maintenance has been through the unit, and that linens and towels are fresh and ready for your visit. All this takes time and needs to be done before you check in. Due to this tight timeframe, we don’t allow early check ins. We apologize for any inconvenience.

PLEASE NOTE: CHECK IN TIME IS ANYTIME AFTER 3PM. The code you’ve been provided (via message on Airbnb) will only work starting at that time. Please make your travel plans accordingly.

Also, if you need anything at all before or during your stay, just send us a message on Airbnb and we’ll be available to help! We look forward to welcoming you to our great city. Thanks, and enjoy your stay in Hapeville & the greater Atlanta area.

John & Kathy Stringer

Accommodations & About Your Stay

Enjoy access to a private room in our cozy conscious home and thank you for choosing to stay with us.




Your Hosts

John & Kathy Stringer

John & Kathy have been together for 17 years and are married with 3 children.  Their youngest son, John, lives with them year round and the two daughters are both in college.  The youngest daughter spends one month with them during the Summer.

Free WiFi

You’ll have instructions to access the WiFi upon arrival at the house. Feel free to enjoy wirleess internet at your liesure.

Free Parking

Per the parking instructions above, you’ll park in our driveway to the left of the basketball hoop. 

Bedroom Comforts

Enjoy everything available in the bedroom, including coffee, tea, snacks and more. 


Please empty all food particles and rinse before adding items to the diswasher. Our cleaners will take care of washing. 

Coffee Maker

Enjoy the single serve cofee maker and the fresh coffee and condiments. 


The Hapeville Coin Laundromat is located at 761 N Central Ave, Hapeville, GA 30354.


Check out the many great nearby restuarants to find an option that best fits your tastes.


Check the AirBnB Guidebook for wonderful activities and let us know if you need any help!

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Checkin & Checkout

Check in anytime after 3 PM until 10PM.

Cancellation Policy

Cancel before 5 days and receive a full refund. 


We Have Vacancy!

Check our AirBnB listing for your next stay anytime. We look forward to hosting you again!

(404) 668-9895
333 Moreland Way, Hapeville, GA 30354