Join us for a 4 week Transformation Experience to create Aligned Relationships.

Create Harmony & Fulfillment in your relationships and balance Mind, Body & Spirit thorugh our easy-to-follow online transformation course that helps you live the life of your dreams!

What to Expect?

On this 4-week journey, you’ll join the co-founders of Healing Arts Management & Awakened Pillow Talk podcast, John & Kathy Stringer, on a 4-week journey to help you transform in a truly meaningful, empowering, valuable & tangible way.

Each week, beginning from the day you sign up, you’ll complete the week’s video session where we’ll share lessons, principles and exercises that help you connect with your purpose through your inner knowing & inspired action.

You’ll also team up with an accountability partner to set a weekly meeting outside of the video sessions to implement our accountability system so you can both take inspired action each week with what you’ve learned.

Finally, you’ll follow directions to share insights and progress in our private online community to be supported by and support other members on the journey!

What to Expect?

✅  Clarity on creating fulfilling Aligned Relationships
✅  Action & Accountability in living the life of your dreams
✅  Practices that assist in your Alignment
✅  Deep & honest connections with your loved ones
✅  A community of those committed to personal transformation & partnerships
✅  Proven methods for living your purpose
✅  Principles of fulfillment and achievement

Week 1 Session:

In week 1, you’ll focus on creating Aligned Relationships with CONNECTION, complete your first Self Assessment & implement our Accountability System with an accountability partner, plus share your results in our private online community.

Week 2 Session:

In week 2, you’ll create Aligned Relationships with PURPOSE and learn an effective process for clarifying purpose on multiple levels. You’ll also hear from special guest Relationship Coaches, Hamilton & Ingrid Alli, on creating your Mission Statement, a wonderful visual tool for manifesting, and you’ll continue working with your accountability partner to implement your weekly accountability practice, plus share results in our private online community.

Week 3 Session:

In week 3, you’ll create Aligned Relationships with ABUNDANCE (money & abundance on other levels), plus discover two powerful models and how to expand our practice. You’ll also share your progress in our private online community and continue implementing your weekly accountability practice with your accountability partner.

Week 4 Session:

In week 4, you’ll assess your progress and create a personal plan to continue the journey. You’ll also share your results in our private online community as we celebrate the progress you’ve made.

We intend to serve you in a way that helps bring joy & connects you to your power while we accompany you on this 4 week journey!

About The Stringers

John and Kathy Stringer are partners (twin flames, soul mates) in life that have come together to help each other and to inspire others. They serve as founders of Healing Arts Management, hosts of the Awakened Pillow Talk podcast, and are contributing authors in the bestselling Adventures In Manifesting series.



Award Winning Actor. Poet. Teacher. Coach. Author. Youtuber.


Award Winning Actor. Poet. Teacher. Coach. Author. Youtuber.

About Twin Soul Poets

Twin Soul Poets are relationship coaches, Youtubers, and a spoken-word poetry duo and couple offering a multi-layered double feature performance. Together they bring innovative group pieces, intimate personal stories and creative character pieces to life with the power of vulnerable artistry, joy and Twin Soul love! They are winners of a 2016 Posi Award for their poem ‘The Lovings’ in the Social Justice and Action category.