Week 2 Homework

Once you've completed the session above, here is the homework for week 2:

1.  Share in our private group here:

a. Life’s purpose and your general & specific purpose
b. Your Mission Statement
c. Anything else that Moved Your Soul in week 2
2. Set & have your 2nd Accountability Meeting within next 2 Days & use the Accountability Sheet  
3. Practice at least 1 Alignment Meditation & Inquiry session
  • add the NEXT STEPS to your accountability sheet
4. Create your Vision Board using your new Mission statement and the Twin Soul Poets instructions below (Can you say "Date Night?")!
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Week 2 Session Recap:
On our session, you created Aligned Relationships with PURPOSE and learned an effective process for clarifying purpose on various levels.  You also heard from special guest Relationship Coaches, Hamilton & Ingrid Alli on creating your Mission Statement, and will now continue working with your accountability partner to implement your weekly accountability practice and share results in our private online community.
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Our Private Facebook Group
Per week 1 homework, we look forward to hearing from you in the Aligned Relationships Facebook Group!

Vision Board Instructions

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Materials You Will Need:
- Magazines: Ones that are full of good images - go for ones that have pictures in alignment with your interests. You want to have plenty of images that make you feel good
- Glue Sticks
- Poster Board
- Packing Tape
- Scissors
Step 1

Get into your heart: this step is key, to connect with your spirit and inner guidance. Heart centered meditations can be great for this, OR you could utilize John and Kathy's excellent technique for Align, Allow, and Let Go while focusing on your heart-space.

Set the mood with some feel good music, light some candles or incense. Creating your vision board together should feel uplifting and fun and your surroundings can play a big part of that.

Step 2

Gather your pictures. Go through your magazines and tear out any pictures that speak to you and the visions you have for your relationship. It can be anything that feels right, you may not even know exactly why you are drawn to it, just gather anything that makes you feel good.

Step 3

Begin cutting out the pictures and images you like from the ones you have torn out, and begin assembling them together on your poster board. DON'T GLUE ANYTHING YET!

Start by toying around with different placements for the images and mixing and matching different patterns, colors, backgrounds, etc.

You may want to move things around and experiment with layering effects, placing some pictures over top of others or combining images in fun ways.

Make sure you have the full layout planned and in place before you begin glueing. You can even take a photo so that you remember where things go.

*Important Note:

Be sure to include a photo of the two of you on your vision board to activate the magic of literally placing yourselves inside your dream!
Step 4

Glue everything down. Glue sticks are highly recommended here.

Step 5

Carefully cover your completed poster board with packing tape.

(Laminating is also an option)

This will help preserve your vision board and help the images pop and look nice!

Once complete, we recommend placing your vision board in your home somewhere where you will see it everyday. Each time you look at it, you'll be reminded of what is manifesting and connect to the feeling of your wishes and visions for your relationship being fulfilled!  :)

- Twin Soul Poets

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