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HAM Video Newsletter | November 2021

Check out the November 2021 Video Newsletter above from HAM co-founders, John & Kathy Stringer.   You can also visit the following links mentioned in the video:  Tour dates - SGAP Tour Images -...

The Alignment Podcast from John Stringer

We're pleased to announce that Healing Arts Management co-founder, John Stringer, has launched a new podcast entitled, The Alignment Podcast, which you can catch on the HAM podcasts page and exclusively on Spotify.  The podcast covers a variety of topics as John...


Kathy & I successfully launched our new Awakened Pillow Talk podcast and despite appearances, this was truly the perfect time to do it!  The podcast has been a year in the making and we even had some entertaining technical challenges to overcome, yet we...

Sacred Medicine Dietary Preparations

During one of the Tour evenings, you will have the option of participating in a sacred plant medicine (specifically, ayahuasca) ceremony with one of the wonderful shamans that will be visiting with in Peru.  This is an optional ceremony; however, you will need to...




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