Conscious Songwriting Retreat 2019 Just A Month Away

by | Apr 1, 2019


If you haven’t checked out the 2019 Conscious Songwriting Retreat where you can learn from award-winning, chart-topping, conscious songwriters how to take your songwriting to the next level, click the image above.

We’ve got some incredible surprises in store for you this year, including new guest speaker, Traci Hale, who co-wrote the #1 “What’s My Name” (Rhianna & Drake) and others you’ve heard. She’ll breakdown the anatomy of a hit.

In addition to CSR founder & Billboard hit songwriter, John Stringer, and retreat partner / songwriting legend, Alan Roy Scott, we’ll be joined by Banding People Together CEO, Alan Schaefer, who’ll demonstrate how behavorial science and collaboration skills can improve collaborative songwriting.

Whether beginner or veteran, we’ll have writers of all experience levels and all ages join us for an experience you won’t forget!

In a nutshell, here’s why we’re coming together:

“We are using songwriting as not only a creative tool but as one for awakening. That is what Conscious Songwriting is about as I define it. To assist one in their journey to remember who they are, why they exist and what their souls is seeking to birth, what Source is seeking to birth through their soul’s blueprint even. Many of you are choosing to align with the truth of who you are. Not the separate individuated points of awareness, or the disconnected beings that are not interrelated… but instead, the connected beings, interdependent upon each other – because you are truly ONE at the essence and you are listening, learning to remember, learning to be, learning to align with the Source of who you are more frequently. You are using your journey to bring forth greater awareness into your abilities, to tap into higher levels of consciousness so that you can remind yourself at every level of who you truly are, why you came and what is possible: the limitless love and light that you are. You are awakening into the calling to be something greater than you ever thought possible in your non awakened state. You are aligning with the calling for your life to bring forth something remarkable: to bring forth the light, love and bliss in your personal experience and to assist all humanity in doing the same. This is your birthright. It is therefore about knowing you are one, knowing you are powerful and knowing you are perfect as all life is because at its essence, beyond the appearance of things, you are the divine, the sacred, the holy, unfolding in ways that are magnificent. You came to be that. Yes. this is your reason for the retreat: to remember, together, and remind each other of that oneness that perfection and that power. Through our own alignment we will assist the ones who have answered the call to join in the remembering, to join in the unfolding and awaken the world to more of its perfection. Yes. And so it is.” – John Stringer


If this speaks to you, then be sure to register.



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