Sacred Ground: Ancient Peru – 04/04/20 Update

by | Apr 4, 2020

Hello Dear Ones,

I know that there is a great deal happening in the world right now, and many of us are feeling like everything has been turned upside down, so John, Kathy and I wanted to check in with you all and see how each of you are doing?

We are continuing to pray for you, and if you need anything, please reach out to one of us and let us know. We would love to support you on a more personal level in any way that we can.

As you know, our tour to Peru is coming up in a few months, and with the whole world seemingly shut down, I would like to give you an update on things happening on our end. I would like to start with how things are in Peru right now.

Currently, Peru is on total lockdown because the government there is working very hard to contain the virus, so that they will keep their citizens healthy and their economy stable. They have relatively low numbers because they took action early on, there are 1200 cases in Peru right now and 30 people have transitioned because of the virus. They are taking steps to test everyone whether they have symptoms or not, while they are quarantined in their homes, so that they will have the most accurate numbers possible. I am having daily calls with my family and friends in Peru, and they are keeping their heads up, playing board games, reading, doing puzzles, crafting, and trying to remain positive in these tough times. Because no one is allowed on the streets, or even to drive unless they request a permit in advance, the police are driving the streets and playing uplifting music and sharing positive sayings from their cars. They want to make sure everyone knows that they are loved and supported as the country moves through this time together. The lockdown is set to be lifted at the end of April, unless things change, so I will be kept in the loop as to what happens and when.

I truly believe that this experience will call us to move deeper into ourselves and our Oneness with Divine Spirit. The moment we said yes to going on this Divine and Sacred Journey together – our Adventure started. In these times of fear and uncertainty, it can be easy to fall into despair and lose hope, but I know that in the midst of this is Peace. I know that the Universe is still working for our Highest Good, and that Spirit is still guiding us if we only listen. And once the world starts to spin again, though it may be different than before, we will stand on Sacred Ground with a different understanding of who we are, and whose we are.

In the physical world, Sacred Spiritual Tours & Healing Arts Management is continuing to move forward with plans for our tours because we have no indication that things will not be more normalized by the time our tour comes around, but we do have contingency plans in the event that travel is not safe or not allowed as we get closer.

First, if we are not able to travel for our tour dates, we will reschedule our tour to another date that will be safer. Any money that you have paid for your tour can be transferred over to the new tour dates, or any one of the future tours Sacred Spiritual Tours will be offering. I have spoken to the smaller airlines in Peru that we use, and all hotels, and train companies and they will move our reservations to another date without any additional fees, however they will not be able to provide any refunds for any tickets that have been purchased from them.

Second, if you are not willing or able to attend the new dates of our tour or another tour that is being offered through Sacred Spiritual Tours – you will have the ability to get a refund for any amount you have paid above the initial deposit.

Most, if not all of the major airlines flying to Peru, are offering date changes for any tickets purchased if flights to Peru on your dates are not possible, whether those tickets were already purchased, or are purchased now (When the flights are much less expensive) so we will continue to keep you posted as we get closer and more information is available.

Last, please let us know if we can help in any way, a phone call, Facetime call, a song, a prayer, or a meditation. We are here and you are not alone. We are holding every single one of you in Spirit, wrapping you in our hearts. We continue to know the Truth, and see the Highest and Best for all the world.

Blessings always,

Cerise Patron
Sacred Spiritual Tours

John & Kathy Stringer
Healing Arts Management



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