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Component 1: Alignment Meditation

This simple guided meditation is a spiritual technology & practice that assists in alignment with Source and helps with all other tools we introduce.

Component 2: Exercise

The right/best exercise for you depends on multiple factors, some of which we cover here. Check out the advice to determine a morning exercise routine that works best for you.

Component 3: Brain Food & More!

There are two parts to the morning Brain Food routine which are both covered in easy to follow videos..

Component 4: 5-Step Aligned Journaling

Here, you’ll learn the basic steps of the 5 Step Aligned Journaling routine that combines several powerful practices, including Gratitude, Visualization, The Alignment Codes & Streaming Higher Consciousness (a.k.a. channeling genius).

Component 5: Prioritization
The final component in this Tri-Harmony Morning Challenge is Prioritization where the video will introduce you to a powerful free tool to help you simplify getting more of what’s important done each day.