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Join married couple and business partners, John & Kathy Stringer, as they share authentic lessons, insights, challenges and the joys they experience in building businesses, raising a family, serving clients, inspiring others, all through creating aligned relationships. Podcasts episodes include live streamed podcasts & pre-recorded podcasts to share inspiration, entertainment and encouragement for your journey toward fulfilled relationships!

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Kathy Stringer

Kathy Stringer


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John Stringer


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Recent Episode

White Privilege, Separation & Oneness

Recorded on May 30, 2020, John & Kathy recent events in the United States regarding police brutality, how negative judgement & separation continue the issues and how they each view the term “white privilege."

You can also watch and participate in the healing video here where John shares prayer & both his & Kathy's recent guidance that is referenced in this episode.

Season 1, Episode 5   |   44min  |  Listen on Spotify

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