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 Catch up on all the latest episode of Awakened Pillow Talk: An Aligned Relationships Podcast by John & Kathy Stringer

Episode 4

Surprise: Vulnerable Parenting and Deep Conversation with our Son

John & Kathy are joined by their 10 year old (at the time of the recording) son , John, for a vulnerable conversation and surprise recording, right after the first Facebook live ended..

Season 1, Episode 4  |  14min  |  Listen on Spotify

Episode 3 – Facebook Live

Tools For Transformational Relationships

In this episode, John & Kathy Stringer discuss the tools and practices which include Clarity, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Authentic listening, Vulnerable communication, Sharing from higher consciousness / intuition & more.

Season 1, Episode 3 (Facebook Live 1)    |    1hr 20min | Listen On Spotify

Episode 2

Vulnerability, Value & Aligned Communication

In this episode, John & Kathy share another impromptu recorded discussion explaining how their different views on handling a project lead to passionate / heated discussions, then to aligned communication and to the lessons they needed to learn, including lessons of how to deal with shifting roles, where do we get our self value & how to transcend egoic suffering.

Season 1, Episode 2   |   27min |  Listen on Spotify

Episode 1

This Is A Game Changer

In this episode, John & Kathy Stringer share a very candid conversation they had on Jan.5, 2020 around remodeling a home together, doing the budget & the many changes that were unfolding for them, months before COVID-19 hit the world!  They talk about the biggest game changer in their relationship and share the ways they implement it.

Season 1, Episode 1   |   15min  |  Listen on Spotify

Episode 0

Who We Are And What This Is About

John & Kathy Stringer explain what Awakened Pillow Talk is about, how they define Aligned Relationships and more!

Season 1, Episode 0   |   11min  |  Listen on Spotify

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