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Join married couple and business partners, John & Kathy Stringer, as they share authentic lessons, insights, challenges and the joys they experience in building businesses, raising a family, serving clients, inspiring others, all through creating aligned relationships. Podcasts episodes include live streamed podcasts & pre-recorded podcasts to share inspiration, entertainment and encouragement for your journey toward fulfilled relationships!

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S2: Episode 4

Race & Consciousness

Awakened Pillow Talk” Live premier on “Race & Consciousness” with special guests, Rev. Dr. David Alexander, Rev. Deborah L. Johnson, Rev. Cynthia Alice Anderson, and Life Coach Ade who offer expansive insights to help you create aligned relationships.

The show is “podcast meets live studio talk show”, filmed in front of a live studio audience with powerful conversation and live music from John Stringer w/ Tony Belser on drums & Fuji on bass.

You’ll also hear about expanding and transformational work you can participate in when it comes to race and consciousness in aligned relationships.

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Season 2, Episode 4 |  77min | On Spotify

S2: Episode 3

Twin Flames & Aligned Relationships with Sarah Prout & Sean Patrick Simpson

John & Kathy Stringer welcome their insightful guests, international best-selling author, Sarah Prout & CEO/hubby, Sean Patrick Simpson to discuss the power and challenges of Twin Flames & Aligned Relationships.

Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson are the co-founders of The Manifesting Academy. Sarah is the international best-selling author of Dear Universe, and Sean is the CEO of their company, Soul Space Media. Soul Space Media publishes ideas and teachings that inspire people to manifest their best lives.

Visit sarahprout.com for more.

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Season 2, Episode 3  |  59min  | On Spotify

S2: Episode 2

Power of The Four Agreements

John & Kathy Stringer discuss how the ancient toltec wisdom of The Four Agreements have assisted in creating Aligned Relationships.

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Season 2, Episode 2  |  59min  | On Spotify

S2: Episode 1

Our Medicine From 2020

John & Kathy Stringer return as they debut Season 2 of Awakened Pillow Talk podcast on B-Radio to discuss Aligned Relationships and the lessons / medicine they each received from 2020.

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Season 2, Episode 1  |  56min  | On Spotify

Facebook Live

Covid-19 with Dr. Susy Alfonso, MD

Awakened Pillow Talk podcast Facebook live episode with Dr. Susy Alfonso, MD, MHCM, FAAFP, asking pressing questions regarding the current covid-19 pandemic.

With so many questions and concerns among our friends and family, and we know we are not alone, our intention for this show was to have an authentic and conscious conversation with a medical professional we know and respect, asking the questions we have and questions you have submitted before & during the show.

Season 1, Facebook Live 3  |  62min  |  

S1: Episode 5

White Privilege, Separation & Oneness

Recorded on May 30, 2020, John & Kathy recent events in the United States regarding police brutality, how negative judgement & separation continue the issues and how they each view the term “white privilege.”

You can also watch and participate in the healing video here where John shares prayer & both his & Kathy’s recent guidance that is referenced in this episode.

Season 1, Episode 5  |  44min  |  Listen on Spotify

S1: Episode 4

Surprise: Vulnerable Parenting and Deep Conversation with our Son

John & Kathy are joined by their 10 year old (at the time of the recording) son , John, for a vulnerable conversation and surprise recording, right after the first Facebook live ended..

Season 1, Episode 4  |  14min  |  Listen on Spotify

S1: Episode 3 – Facebook Live

Tools For Transformational Relationships

In this episode, John & Kathy Stringer discuss the tools and practices which include Clarity, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Authentic listening, Vulnerable communication, Sharing from higher consciousness / intuition & more.

Season 1, Episode 3 (Facebook Live 1)    |    1hr 20min | Listen On Spotify

S1: Episode 2

Vulnerability, Value & Aligned Communication

In this episode, John & Kathy share another impromptu recorded discussion explaining how their different views on handling a project lead to passionate / heated discussions, then to aligned communication and to the lessons they needed to learn, including lessons of how to deal with shifting roles, where do we get our self value & how to transcend egoic suffering.

Season 1, Episode 2   |   27min |  Listen on Spotify

S1: Episode 1

This Is A Game Changer

In this episode, John & Kathy Stringer share a very candid conversation they had on Jan.5, 2020 around remodeling a home together, doing the budget & the many changes that were unfolding for them, months before COVID-19 hit the world!  They talk about the biggest game changer in their relationship and share the ways they implement it.

Season 1, Episode 1   |   15min  |  Listen on Spotify

Episode 0

Who We Are And What This Is About

John & Kathy Stringer explain what Awakened Pillow Talk is about, how they define Aligned Relationships and more!

Season 1, Episode 0   |   11min  |  Listen on Spotify

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