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A Journey of Divine Integration Through Music & Healing


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Join us for a 12 day journey through the healing energy of Peru, produced by Healing Arts Management & Sacred Spiritual Tours

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After all the has shifted and changed over the last year and half, if you’re ready for a powerful 12-day healing journey through ancient Peru where you’ll experience powerful live music, working with local shamans, healers, tour guides, and enjoy the energy of local sites and hotels, then join John & Kathy Stringer (Healing Arts Management) and Cerise Patron (Sacred Spiritual Tours) for this wonderful tour.

Prepare yourself to enjoy a beautiful mix of Spirituality, Healing Music, Local Traditions, Inner Guidance, Explorations, and FUN experiencing once-in-a-lifetime tourism!



John & Kathy Stringer  (Healing Arts Management founders) are grateful to have engaged Cerise Patron, founder of Sacred Spiritual Tours, to bring you this wonderful opportunity. Her vision is the catalyst for this!

Cerise Patron envisioned Sacred Spiritual Tours as a way to help others experience healing journeys.  In 2011, Cerise’s second child, Mateo passed away during childbirth. Her Peruvian family gave her a beautiful gift of 6 days in Cusco, and Machu Picchu to go on a healing journey. “We were able to explore, and tour the area, but also explore our grief in this Sacred place.” Now, 8 years later, her company, Sacred Spiritual Tours, works with with local shamans, healers, tour guides, and hotels to offer this healing journey to others as well. Healing Arts Management has hired Sacred Spiritual Tours to collaborate on a powerful itinerary so you can experience a healing journey of your own in the amazing energy of Peru.

As Cerise explains, “you do not need to have lost someone close to you to travel on this journey with us.  The healing tour is made for wherever you are on your Spiritual Path, and whatever your travel desires are!”


Check out the locations we will visit and what we’ll experience together below:

DAY 0 - 1: LIMA







On what we call “Day 0,”  we will arrive late at night in Peru, and our hotel transport will take us directly to our hotel in Miraflores, Lima. We will rest up for our journey to begin the following day!

No meals are included in this day.

On the next day (Day 1), we will rest a bit in the morning, and then have lunch near our hotel. In the afternoon we will tour Lima, by double decker bus to see all the major sites the Capital City of Peru has to offer.

We will also tour the San Francisco Church and have an opportunity to explore the Catacombs below!

After dinner, we will head back to our hotel to have a Spiritual Circle Experience as we set our intentions for the rest of our tour.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








Our van will pick us up to take us to the airport to catch our flight to the Ancient City of Cusco where we will head straight to our hotel to check in. The altitude is 11,200 ft above sea level, so we will spend the afternoon acclimating, sipping Mate de Coca, and walking the Plaza de Armas. We will enjoy a light dinner and evening meditation circle with music.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








After breakfast, our Tour Bus will pick us up to take us to the Sacred Valley, we will spend the day exploring the Ancient Salt Mines of the Incas, the Spiral Agricultural Center of Moray, and the ruins of Ollantaytambo.

Every step of the way, we will deepen in our Spiritual Grounding and have ceremonies, and meditations along with music. We will sleep at a Retreat Center in Urubamba, and have a traditional Pachamama Ceremony to honor the land and thank Mother Earth for her Blessings.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








We will head to the Train Station in Ollantaytambo to take the Panoramic Train to the Town of Aguas Calientes which is located at the base of Machu Picchu. We will travel by bus up to the top of the mountain, to explore Machu Picchu for 4 hours and have a picnic snack overlooking the Urubamba River below while having a release ceremony in this High Vibration Space. We will travel back down the mountain to eat lunch, buy souvenirs, and take the train back to Ollantaytambo to return to our Retreat Center for one more night.

Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








We will have breakfast at our Retreat Center before leaving to visit the ruins of Chinchero and market, where we will also have lunch. We will tour the Qenko Historical Site, and visit Sacsayhuaman. We will continue having a profound journey of exploration and Spiritual Experience in each location. In the early evening we will tour the Qoricancha church, and have a sacred circle in the gardens surrounding this beautiful place. We will have dinner at a local Buffet of traditional food, with local live music and then we will head back to our hotel for an evening circle and rest.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








After breakfast at our hotel, our Tour Bus will take us to the ancient site of Tipon, the original aqueducts for the Incas, and have a Sacred Experience of going back to the Source of our Good. Then we will head to Pisac for the afternoon to explore the ruins, and see the market that has been running for hundreds of years.

We will have a couple of hours to rest at our hotel before dinner and then head to the Theater of Cusco to see a show of the traditional dances and music through the years. We will have a final Cusco closing Circle Ceremony at the hotel before resting up to leave for the Rainforest the next day!

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








We will leave for the airport after breakfast, and fly to Iquitos, Peru. This amazing City sits right next to the Amazon River, and our Rainforest Adventure begins here! We will explore the City, walk along the Amazon River, and listen to live music. At our Hotel in Iquitos, we will have a special Grounding Ceremony to connect us with all that is around us.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








Our Rainforest Lodge Transportation will pick us up at the hotel after breakfast and take us by boat along the Amazon River. We will visit Monkey Island to see the many different species of monkeys in the area, and see the local wildlife along the shores. We will arrive at our Lodge in time for lunch, and some downtime to settle in.

Later in the afternoon, we will be taken on a River Cruise to find Pink River Dolphins and possibly swim with them. We will have dinner back at the lodge, will connect in a sacred evening circle ceremony.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








There will be an early morning opportunity for a hike to watch the sunrise over the Amazon River. We will then meet for breakfast and take a boat to look for various fish species in the area.

After lunch, we will again travel by boat to the Victoria Regia, the largest aquatic plant in the world. We will connect to the local plant and animal life while exploring this magical place.

In the afternoon, we will divide into groups and have a Sacred Experience of connection and power. We will have more free time this evening, with a few different options of ways to spend your time. There will be a number of ceremonies, and also a night canoe cruise to find caiman in the area.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








We will have breakfast at the lodge, and then hike 45 minutes to the top of the Palo Alto Observation Deck which is above the canopy of the Rainforest. We will explore and have lunch in this area, and then dinner here as well later in the evening. We will have a night hike to see local plants and animals here. We will sleep on the observation deck in hammocks and connect to this beautiful space around us with an evening music session.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








We will hike back to the lodge after breakfast, and have a closing Rainforest ceremony before lunch. After lunch we will visit a local tribe, to see how they live and connect with them. We will then leave by boat back to the City of Iquitos to head back to Lima. We will sleep in Miraflores.

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included.








After breakfast at our hotel, we will have a beautiful closing ceremony for our tour, and honor our experiences on the tour. We will check out of our hotel and visit the local souvenir shops and have lunch before heading back to the airport to say goodbye to Peru! Our tour is complete.

ENJOY A Video Tour

Check out the video tour from the Lodge we will be staying at during parts of our trip!


We’ve put together a list of frequently asked questions below to provide you with as much information as possible to help you prepare for this amazing tour.  Of course, if you don’t see the question you have, send it to us here and we’ll be glad to help.

When should I fly in and out of Lima Peru?

Plan to fly into Lima Peru on 10/15/21. 
The retreat / tour officially starts when you arrive in Peru on Oct 15 (all flights typically arrive in the evening) so we will have transportation from the airport to the hotel all set up for you.

Plan to depart fly out of Lima Peru on 10/27/21.

The retreat / tour officially ends on 07/27 (flights fly out in the evening) after our closing ceremony and souvenir shopping so plan your return flight accordingly (no earlier than 7PM Lima time).

Vaccinations: Do you know what is needed and when folks should get them?

The CDC has a few vaccines they recommend, but no vaccinations are currently required. Here is the website

Is there a particular Travel Insurance you recommend?

One that has been used by some our past participants is  On a past tour, 1 person had to cancel for medical reasons and got a refund for her tour (there were a couple of hoops to jump, but Sacred Spiritual Tours provided letters and they refunded her trip).

How would you describe the accommodations?

They are mostly 2-3 star hotels – they are not luxury, but are not motel/hostel types either.

The hotels in Lima and Cusco are very comfy (Sacred Spiritual Tours has been there numerous times).

The Lodge in Iquitos is a Jungle Lodge in the Rainforest – there is no AC (most anywhere in Iquitos) there is no hot water (you won’t want it); however, the hotel we stay in for one night in Iquitos will have those things.

Are their restrictions on bags for flights & trains?

 Yes.   All flights require double masking in airport and face shield, along with a negative 72hr nose swab test to board flight (both arriving and departing).

On the flights from Lima to Cusco and back & Lima to Iquitos and back, there is 1 suitcase up to 40lbs and a personal item (backpack or purse type bag).

On the train to Machu Picchu, there are no suitcases allowed, and only 1 personal item (backpack or purse type bag). We will be leaving our suitcases at the hotel in Sacred Valley in secure storage the day we go Machu Picchu, and we return later that night to stay at the same hotel so we will just be bringing backpacks for the day.

Can people reserve seats on the planes and trains (aisle or window)?

Since you take care of your own flight to Lima, Peru and back home, and we take care of everything else, this applies to the flights and trains we book during the 12-day tour in Peru:

On the planes, we can reserve specific seats for an extra charge (e.g. $7.00 each way), so we’ll coordinate with you regarding preferences.

On the train, they do not allow you to reserve seats, but there are only two seats in each row with a table in front of them. We simply ask those with no preference to allow window seats for those who prefer them.

Will there be porters to help with bags when going from place to place?

The van drivers will help with bags and we will have 1-2 tour assistants everywhere we go, so they will help as well.

Should I plan to tip on my own or does the tour handle tipping at hotels, for porters ect.?

We will handle group tips at restaurants and for drivers, but there are some instances where you usually tip. For instance, if you see a woman in dress with a Llama in Cusco, it is customary to tip if you take her photo: 1-4 soles ($0.30 – $1.00) or if they hold baby lambs or alpacas for a photo, usually you tip as well.

Can people pay with other payment methods like Venmo?

Yes. In addition to our online tour registration here, we can accept Venmo, PayPal, Zelle, and Square. Simply use our Contact Us page to let us know your preference and we’ll send you the info you need to register.



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