Before booking your Healing Arts Management & Sacred Spiritual Tour of Peru, please read these terms and conditions, as your booking is subject to the terms listed below. A contract is entered into, once we receive your deposit, and we accept and confirm the booking. The form version of this which you will receive must be signed before arriving in Peru, or your spot may be forfeited and no refund will be given.

Sacred Spiritual Tours, Peru requires a non-refundable deposit of $1000 to confirm your place on the tour. The deposit must be paid by 6 months before our tour starts. The remaining balance must be paid no later than 60 days before our tours starts.

If you have paid in full, and cancel your reservation 60 days or more before your trip, 100% of your tour, less the $1000 deposit will be refundable, less any costs that have been spent for you. (Train tickets and inter-Peru flights are bought well in advance)

If you cancel your reservation less than 60 days before the tour starts, there will be no refunds given. This is because we purchase tickets, entrance tickets, and hotel reservations in advance that are needed as part of the tour.

We Very Strongly suggest purchasing Travel Insurance to protect yourself and your trip before travelling. There are many options available online and through your insurance agent.

No refunds are given during or after the trip.



All payments must be in US Dollars unless otherwise agreed.

If you wish to pay an initial deposit as presented in options 2 and 3 on the registration page, then any remaining balance must be paid no less than 60 days before the start of the tour. We will send you an email reminder 60 days before the retreat starts with instructions on how to pay or you can set up a payment plan.

It is the responsibility of the tour participant to purchase, confirm, and plan for all international airfare. We can assist you in purchasing International airfare, with trusted travel agents. Please contact Cerise Patron for more information at 480-204-7264

The cost of the Sacred Spiritual Tour of Peru includes:

9 Breakfasts, 10 lunches, and 9 Dinners.
Airport Transfers to and from hotels
All Tour Guides – in English
All Sacred Site entrance fees and costs
All Hotels
Train Tickets to and from Aguas Calientes (Base of Machu Picchu)
Bus Travel Up to Machu Picchu from Aguas Calientes
All tour vans and buses
All Sacred Experiences, Music, Chanting, Meditations, and Guides and Shamans.

It does NOT include:

International Airfare
Snacks, tips, additional drinks, alcoholic drinks, souvenirs or additional purchases that are desired.
Any place or event not included on the Itinerary.

Travel Insurance is not included, but is highly recommended for each tour participant.



While we always strive to provide our guests with the highest quality service and with a travel and tour description that is as accurate as possible, by signing this agreement, the Client states that they understand and accept that changes in the itinerary, the accommodations and/or any other facets of their journey may occur due to unforeseen circumstances and/or events that are beyond the scope of our influence.

We reserve the right to make changes in the itinerary, accommodations, transportation services, the rates, or any other arrangements, if these changes are necessary and unavoidable. We commit ourselves to provide reasonable substitutes for similar monetary values without compensation, but accept no liability for a decrease in travel pleasure, if such changes occur.

If and when changes occur during the preparation and/or at the time of the reservation, we will inform the Client immediately. If changes occur after the reservation has been confirmed, we will inform the Client as soon as is reasonably possible.

If changes occur because of other reasons than those that are beyond our control, like war, threat of war, riots, civil strife, industrial dispute, terrorist activities, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, technical or maintenance problems with transport, changes imposed by cancellation or rescheduling of flights by an airline, the alteration of airline or aircraft type, or other similar events. We will do our very best to keep all participants safe, and will offer refunds only as they are available to us at the time.

We are not liable for any charges that may occur when changes beyond our influence and control are made in travel arrangements, such as time and/or date of departure; flights; or other forms of transportation.



The Client is responsible for obtaining and possessing the necessary documents and certificates that may be required by the authorities of the countries we visit for the duration of the tour, such as there are; a valid passport, visa permits, proof of vaccination, as well as various prophylactic medicines, like anti-malaria tablets. We provide information about these requirements in good faith, but cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of the information. For more information please visit Travel.State.Gov to find out what is recommended for the locations we are visiting.



All Clients are required to determine if their physical condition is adequate for the requirements of the itinerary they wish to book for. Travelers who are older than 65 years of age may be asked to provide evidence of medical fitness to travel, before their reservation is confirmed.

Sacred Spiritual Tours does not allow any underage person (18 years of age, or less) to travel with us, unless they are accompanied by at least one parent or legal guardian who accepts full responsibility for the minor. Due to the physical activity on our Journey, no one under the age of 10, will be permitted on the tour.

Sacred Spiritual Tours reserves the absolute right to decline any reservation on any grounds. Clients or prospective clients acknowledge and agree to accept the authority of our staff and members of the management team, employees, guides, tour leaders and agents, while travelling with us. If any of these authorized personnel members determine that any Client engages in any type of disruptive behavior, challenging or threatening the well-being, safety, comfort and travel enjoyment of the other passengers, the Client may be excluded from the entire or the remainder of the tour. If and when this happens, the Client will not be eligible for a refund.

In case the Client should become sick or incapacitated, we will make all the necessary arrangements in the best possible way. The Client will be fully responsible for the financial cost of any such arrangements.



All passengers who take part in Sacred Spiritual Tour of Peru, day trips, expeditions and all other kinds of adventure travel and events are obliged to obey the laws and regulations of the countries visited. Any failure to abide by these laws and regulations will result in the relief of all responsibilities and obligations that we might otherwise have under the reservation agreement.



At the time of making the reservations with Healing Arts Management and Sacred Spiritual Tour of Peru, the Client is required to present full disclosure of any medical, physical or mental disability they may be affected with, as well as any medical treatment they may be under and medication they are taking, and is fully responsible for doing so.

Failure to fully or partly disclose any such conditions will constitute as breach of contract and will result in the exclusion of the Client from the tour, in which case all payments made will be forfeited.

If and when travel by boat is included in the tour, the Client will be required to make it known to us if they aren’t able to swim. Not being able to swim will not result in cancellation of the reservation, or exclusion from the tour, but will allow and obligate us to take the proper safety measures to protect the Client from harm.



Clients who take part in any tours and other events organized by Sacred Spiritual Tours of Peru, acknowledge that they understand and accept that exposure to natural and environmental elements and an increased risk of bodily harm are an integrated and inherent part of the itinerary.

The Client accepts and understands that taking part in these activities and events could result in personal physical and/or mental injury, paralysis, death and/or damage to personal property; that such risks are an integrated part of the tours and events they participate in and that they voluntarily and willfully engage in these activities and events at their own risk.

The Client takes full responsibility for any accident or injury affecting their health, their physical and/or their mental condition and releases Sacred Spiritual Tour of Peru from any accountability or liability in the event of such accidents or injuries.

By completing your registration on this site, you accept the following:

“I understand and have read these terms and conditions and agree to all conditions presented herein.”